Holý: Fantasie - Franz Poenitz

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Holý: Fantasie

Letter from Alfred Holý to Artiss de Volt

Vienna, February 18th, 1936

My dear Artiss,

As to the Poenitz ,,Fantasy”, I have entirely forgotten that I presented you with it. Since you specialize as a soloist it is hardly of any use to you now, for neither pastime nor for practice you can hardly do anything with it. The amateurs in America are unable to do justice to it, and the professional pupil who is advanced enough to play it, will prefer working things he can make money with. Perhaps at the Conservatory it might be possible to bring it out in an advanced studio
concert - once in years - I was rather enthusiastic about the idea of having in Boston two of my pupils as fine duetists, but that can only be done when based on really good comradeship, and I don‘t blame you that you don‘t want to share honors and success for a comparatively small fee. [The Poenitz work he writes about is still in my possession; he finally gave up and told me to keep it. I had always been especially fond of this work and played it in numerous concerts with several of my pupils.] ...

aus: Alfred Holý: “Memoirs” herausgegeben von Artiss de Volt, p. 166

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