Holý: Spieldose - Franz Poenitz

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Holý: Spieldose

Letter from Alfred Holý to Artiss de Volt

Vienna, February 18th, 1936

My dear Artiss,

As to the Steinert Hall programs, I would advice always to bring the highly artistic Ravel number in the first part of the performance, and only after intermission such tiny things as the “Spieldose”. In musical centres, for instance,
the busy critics hasting from one concert to another regard mostly only the first part as the criterion in judging, besides the audience in the beginning is more receptive for serious music. Poenitz was a dear collegue of mine and a good friend, but “Spieldose” for a harpist of your standard comes only as a final encore. Don’t misunderstand, in a serious concert, never mind an entertainment for a women’s Club or so. Too bad that there is so little by Alfred Holý in short solos …

aus: Alfred Holý: “Memoirs” herausgegeben von Artiss de Volt, p. 165

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